Finding peace through yoga

Image Finding peace through yoga

Inner peace is a state that anyone desires to find. For Prem Rawat, for example, inner peace is the source of all that is good. To find inner peace, being inspired by others like Prem Rawat can be a solution, just like practicing activities aimed at inner peace like yoga. For more information about Prem Rawat, please visit :

At the same time philosophy, art of living and gentle gym, yoga helps to find balance and inner peace. A wonderful health tool, available to everyone. And to practice without moderation!

What is yoga?

Yoga comes from India but its origin is lost in the night of Eastern times. It has been passed from Master to disciple, word of mouth, for millennia. At the beginning of humanity there was neither disease nor therapy. Then gradually personal and selfish interests have prevailed over collective interest, creating mental imbalances and physical suffering.

The sages of India intervened to appease these troubles and guide the people. They discovered that the secret to regenerating animals was through periods of rest, sleep, and fasting. Thus was discovered Yoga through the observation of postures.

How does yoga work?

The principle of Yoga is to observe everything that happens in us: thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, memories, dreams, etc. to know yourself, to find calm and inner peace. Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of consciousness, then our true nature, pure Consciousness is revealed.

When the final stage of individual evolution is reached, the pure unlimited consciousness is forever established in its own form. It is enlightenment.

Why does yoga stimulate inner peace?

Yoga is nowadays accepted as a psychosomatic discipline promoting the development of Westerners constantly attacked by the hellish pace of modern life. Yoga provides a flexible and healthy body, strong nerves, and a balanced mind, a serene and dynamic personality. Without being a therapy, many doctors practice it themselves and advise it to their patients.

In fact, Yoga begins where medicine stops. Yoga will transform your life, improve your health, your flexibility, your physical and mental control, through postures, breathing, relaxation, concentration, meditation.

This activity, which has proven itself for thousands of years, is beneficial for all ages and even more, when balance problems increase with the years. Through breathing, concentration and relaxation, yoga improves the oxygenation of the blood system and stimulates the organs. Each posture acts on the spine, an organ, the optic nerve. In short, its regular practice allows you to maintain good health over the years.

According to some studies, yoga makes some overweight people slim, and has beneficial effects on the stress hormone: cortisol. Likewise, it would act as an antidepressant in the elderly. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be flexible to do yoga. It becomes more flexible by practicing it, which is its interest.

Another advantage, it can be practiced every day. In addition, yoga makes it possible to circulate energies. You should know that yoga does not stop at sequences of postures and contortions. It is above all an art of living and a conception of life.