04.04 2020

10 Reasons to Practice Yoga

10 Reasons to Practice Yoga

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, has participated in many spiritual journeys to many retreats in different parts of the world to be at peace. On the other hand, doing yoga also helps find a moment of serenity in life. If you have not done yoga before, you may not be able to understand the reasons why it is necessary to do it. So, why should we practice yoga?

Discover 10 reasons for doing yoga

1. Yoga increases self-awareness

Some yoga techniques involve concentrating on your breaths, on your moves, and maybe also on the functioning of your organs. Learning to listen to how you breathe in different circumstances increases self-awareness.

2. Yoga boosts your memory

Yoga is relaxing since it involves resting your mind, stopping thinking about the daily troubles. If your mind is relaxed, your potential to memorize things is boosted to the fullest. Yoga is more efficient in memory improvement than brain training.

3. Yoga helps coordinate the mind and your body

Yoga exercises induce strong legs and helps retain a perfect balance in the body. If you have a balance problem, or if you easily lose your balance, it can still be developed and improved through yoga.

4. Yoga promotes good health

Studies have confirmed that yoga improves mental health and physical well-being. Yoga reduces stress symptoms since the practitioner is free from worries. They are encouraged to keep calm. The special diet that yogis follow also enhances good health condition.

5. Yoga promotes inner peace

Yogis are far from getting ill easily. Yogis are mindful about what they eat. Their "sattvic" diet mainly consists of healthy food and in a balanced diet. Some techniques in yoga involves sitting peacefully for a long time on the floor, focusing on a specific goal, in order to forget the daily constraints. Through regular mindful meditation, yoga enjoys inner calm or inner tranquility.

6. Yoga is a good lifestyle

Through yoga, practitioners change their lifestyle into a new one. They are watchful over the type of music they listen to, and the food they eat. In fact, yogis avoid overeating to be fit. They sleep at regular hours every night. Thus, it is a good way of life.

7. Yoga makes you a caring being

As a mindful practice, yoga helps raise awareness of everything around us. In general, yogis get involved in philanthropic care for the needy in the society and in the world.

8. Yoga enhances self-control

and emotional control Regular yoga practice may consist of 10 or 15 minutes a day. Thus, it can help you gradually get rid of bad habits and reduce stress. This enables you to manage your emotions and makes it possible to control yourself in difficult situations.

9. Yoga improves your breathing

If you have breathing difficulties, it is advisable to start yoga. It is more powerful in helping with your breathing than medicines. Moody individuals often have a problem breathing normally. Once they are able to manage their emotions through regular yoga mindfulness, they will be able to improve their breathing.

10. Yoga promotes unity

Meditating in groups consolidates the union between the yogis. Therefore, yoga promotes solidarity among group members.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is a promoter of inner peace in us. He practices and teaches a kind of yoga meditation called "Knowledge" to promote inner tranquility.